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Breaking News!

Robin Hood Studios is proud to announce that a Nuendo non-linear editing system now lies at the heart of the studio!

Ever since Robin Hood Studios opened for business in 1963, we have done everything we can to provide the very finest sound quality and uncompromised service to our customers.  When we opened in 1963, Ampex recorders were the finest recorders money could buy.  So, we used nothing but Ampex recorders until Scully eclipsed Ampex with their new discrete solid-state multi-track recorders.  Then, when MCI gave us improved quality and the first remote controls with auto locate, we moved up to that new standard.


Welcome to Robin Hood Studios

Photo courtesy Batten Photography

This studio was built in 1963 and has undergone 4 complete renovations of both equipment and the rooms since that time. Soon, we will have a vast section on the history of the studio that you will enjoy including the stories and never-before-seen photos from all the wild times starting in 1963 when we were recording hit records by acts such as: Z Z Top, John Fred & His Playboy Band, The Uniques, The Five Americans, Southwest FOB, Mouse & the Traps, Jon & Robin, Gladstone and hundreds of other regional acts.

We’re totally digital now, so check out our equipment, especially the vintage AKG C12s and Neumann tube mics as well as API discrete mic pres. If you like great instruments, like Bosendorfer Pianos and Martin Guitars, check them out. Lots of neat photos are on the way.

Robin Hood Studios is dedicated to the serious professional musicians, singers and producers. We welcome you to join us. And, we look forward to watching this new website grow.

Robin Hood Brians – Owner

If you think the most important room in a recording studio is the producer’s lounge, click here.