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"Her Majesty"  A Bosendorfer Model 290 Imperial Grand Piano - 9' 6"
Musicman Bass.jpg

Musicman Bass

Bennie The Bass.jpg

"Bennie The Bass"  A Danelectro Longhorn used on early ZZ TOP sessions with separate outputs for each pickup.  The pills from Carpenter - Francis Pharmacy, which was near the studio,  decorated their delivery car .

Martin D25.jpg
Martin D 25
Martin D35 - 12 String.jpg

Martin D35 - 12 String made in 1968. 2019 marks 50th anniversary of the Martin

12 string.

Hammond M3.jpg
Hammond M3 Organ
& Model 145 Leslie
Epiphone Dot.jpg

Epiphone "Dot"

GIbson EBO - 2.jpg

Gibson EBO Bass

Finder Twin Reverb.jpg

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender 4x10 Tweed Bassman.jpg

Fender Model 5E6 Tweed 4x10 Bassman circa 1958.  Used by Robin Hood's band for Vocals, Piano, and Guitar

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