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"Mouse and the Traps / Walking in Dylan's Shoes"

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I first produced records on Mouse and the Traps in 1966. The original group consisted of Ronny “Mouse” Weiss, David Stanley, Bugs Henderson , Don “Levi” Garrett, and Jerry Howell. Ken "Nardo" Murray replaced Levi Garrett on drums after the first two songs and Bob Delk & Tim Gillespie later replaced Howell on organ. Since then, they have carried on the traditions established by those songs and have also performed songs by Bob Dylan to crowds who cannot get enough of “Mouse doing Dylan.” So, we decided to produce an entire CD of Dylan songs, and we’re almost ready to start releasing them.

The current band consists of:

  • Ronnie “Mouse” Weiss – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Steel, and Dobro

  • David Stanley – Bass, harp, and Vocals

  • Ken “Nardo” Murray – Drums

  • Larry Stanley – Guitar, banjo, and Vocals

  • Gary Freeman – Keys and Vocals

I joined them in the studio for a few tracks on piano. The uncanny likeness to Dylan in Mouse’s vocals makes those songs really come alive again.

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