Robin Hood Studios features one of the most impressive mic cabinets outside of New York, L.A., and Nashville. Add a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano and four environments and recording becomes fun.

Our Nuendo system offers unlimited options, unlimited tracks, and the best plugins from Steinberg, Waves, and Universal Audio.

When mastering recordings that are mixed at Robin Hood Studios... mastering is extremely fast and simple because we handle all of the level and E.Q. issues on each channel while mixing. However, our mastering plugins can handle the most difficult jobs.

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Since Robin Hood Studios opened in 1963, we have continually upgraded our studio, equipment, and services to ensure that your recording experience is as good as you expect.  Our sound starts with the finest Neumann and AKG condenser microphones.  Then, World class API and Neve mic pres insure that the quality sound from those mics is enhanced and preserved.  We have a track record in Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, and Christian Music. 

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The Spotlight

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Z Z Top

When Billy, Dusty, and Frank came to Robin Hood Studios, they were looking for a special sound.  After 3 sessions and a name change from "The Moving Sidewalk" to "Z Z Top," we created that "SPECIAL SOUND" that has endured for over 50 years.  Huh Huh Huh Huh.


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